Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trademark Registration

Today, trademark registration is one of the most important registration procedures to protect the brand of company throughout the country. Trademark Registration combined with Trademark Service will get you the best trademark research with the help of a qualified and experienced trademark attorney. When the trademark registration has been accomplished, your intellectual property rights are preserved. You must really use the trademark in commerce. If you fail to use it for three years, it can be terminated. Further, you will need to renew the trademark from time to time with the trademark and Patent Office.
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Procedure is very different to obtain trademark and patent registration services. Trademark registration procedure is not only very important, but also trademark news and trademark monitoring play major role to get updated news about trademark registration. In India, Patent process can either be done alone or jointly with a partner, by an inventor or by a legal representative/law firm of deceased assignees. You have to fill up the trademark application in Trademark office for registering your trademark. The trademark office provides protection to the inventors and business for their inventions and trademark registration for the product/services and intellectual property identification. The process of patent registration is very difficult, hence it is advisable to find a good attorney/ law firm such as

Tm-India. Tm-India is the fastest growing law firms in India, which offers the trademark and patent registration services at affordable price. The highly qualified and experienced attorney can help you in providing trademark and patent registration services as well as service mark registration services at competitive price and right time.


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