Monday, December 28, 2009

Patent Registration

A patent ensures that your unique ideas and products are yours alone. There are certain manes, which are beneficial to the entire human race and consequently, a permanent patent is not granted. In these cases, a limited time period patent is granted. To patent your name, firstly, you must write a provisional patent application. This is the first step, but critical step can be done without using highly qualified and experienced attorney.

In order to prove that you have a unique and original name, you must document every part of the creation process. This is very important, if you want to obtain the rights to your creation. The more you can document, the better chance you have of being granted a patent. You must also make sure that a similar product does not have a patent. The patent office is not going to grant a patent for various variations of the same product. This patent registration process can be time consuming and frustrating to the inventor, however, it is compulsory to protect your invention.

For an organization providing patent registration services, in order to run it efficiently there is a need of efficient patent searchers. The efficient searcher is defined as one who tries to solve the problem with an attitude, figure out the problem and think about various concepts or ways to solve the problem, all this should be done within an ample of time. Searchers have been facing problems to find the patent for a particular product. It has been very monotonous to solve the criteria in the conventional technique.
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Conventional technique:-
In the conventional technique, in order to search a patent for a given product, one use to: -
1) Read and understand all the specifications and features of the product.
2) Prepare concepts of them.
3) Prepare keywords and search in different databases.
4) Analyze hundreds of records.

Patent registration in India is a document, issued by a patent registration office that describes the invention and creates a legal right in favour of the patent, enabling him to exploit the same. Today, patent registration process is easy and affordable to register a patent with affordable price. Patent services include a wide range of patent services. Patent services India have divided into the following broad areas: Patent searches, Patent Registration, Patent illustration and proofreading, patent drafting, Patent analytics, Patent asset management, Patent litigation support and patent consulting. Patent Attorneys are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are specially trained in patent law to advice on patentability and patent infringement. They also prepare and prosecute patent applications.