Friday, January 8, 2010

Logo Registration

Logos play an important role in marketing and brand recognition. It is only after the logo registration ownership is ascertained and a person can seek protection from the authorities if any other person or entity uses that logo or mark. For the logo registration in India, firstly we have to do a design search so that we will be able to find out that it is not similar with any other mark, then we have to find out the experienced trademark attorney who will make search and tell us about the exact status of our logo. If these formalities are satisfactory then comes the filing of logo registration application which is to be accompanied documents and the application cost. logo registration process in India is affordable and easy, which is to find out whether your intended logo is available for registration or not. You can use your logo as a marketing toll so that customers can recognize your services or products. Logos may be used and registered as trademarks or service marks if they do not resemble to any other mark.
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